A wise mother

Mencius’s mother is a great mother of Zou State. To make her son get a good education, she moved her family three times.

When Mencius was a child, he lived near a graveyard. Therefore, he often played near the grave and imitated people’s crying or digging the tombs. When his mother saw this, she said: “It’s not a good place for a child to live in.”

Then she moved the family to a house near a market. Soon Mencius began imitating people’s hawking and bargaining. He found it interesting and played again and again.

His mother found this place still not good for a child to live in. She decided to move away again.

At last they settled down near a school. Before long, Mencius began imitating the students’ reading and writing. He became more polite and hardworking. Then his mother said: this is a good place for a child to live in.

When Mencius grew up, he was well-known for his politeness and talent.

This story tells us a good educational environment is very important for children.


1. graveyard: 墓地

2. imitate: 模仿,效仿

3. dig the tombs:挖墓

4. hawk: 叫卖

5. bargain: 讨价还价

6. settle down: 定居

7. before long: 不久

8. talent: 才华

9. well-known 出名的,闻名的

10. educational environment: 教育环境



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